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Physical Therapy for Ankle Conditions

Certain conditions affect the ankle joint, causing stiffness and pain, and difficulty with walking. People with chronic ankle problems caused by issues such as ankle impingement or chronic ankle instability, or conditions such as osteoarthritis, often undergo rehabilitation to strengthen the ankle and increase its flexibility, and/or relearn how walk properly.

Therapeutic Methods for Treating Ankle Conditions

Physical therapy treatments to restore full mobility to the ankle include the following:

  • Muscle-strengthening exercises
  • Range-of-motion exercises
  • Balance training
  • Weight-bearing activities (weight is gradually increased)

Depending on the patient's physical job requirements or athletic activities, a physical therapist creates a tailored treatment plan. Recovery times vary for each patient, and, in severe cases, physical therapy may have to be ongoing to ensure that full mobility is restored to the ankle. Without proper rehabilitation, complications, such as chronic pain, inflammation and weakness, can cause difficulty in walking, and performing physical activities.

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